Remarried Life
Step-parenting: the non-biological parent

Step-parentingStep-parenting your non-biological kids can be a challenge.

We have grown up with stories of the wicked step-mother and the TV and press often support these stereotypes of bad step-parents.

Patience and perserverance can make step-parenting a productive and rewarding experience

Old Habits

old habits and routines in marriage

Breaking old habits is hard to do. This is true in marriage also.

As you start to settle into your new marriage, old habits start to surface and creep into your new relationship.

Here are some ways to help you prevent these old habits and routines from interfering with your remarriage

Managing your Finances

Couple managing their financesFinances after remarriage can be far more complicated than after your first marriage.

Each of you will bring good and bad financial habits and obligations possibly including financial obligations to your previous family.

So how should you tackle your finances after remarriage?

Stepfamilies are unique
A happy stepfamily Many people enter new relationships as stepfamilies with the same expectations they entered their first marriage.

They expect that the family will function just like a first marriage family.

They expect everyone to get along quickly and the stepfamily to integrate quickly. The reality may be quite different and it pays to understand and deal with the complexities of stepfamilies