Where to Meet People for dating

Dating again - where to meet people

Certainly dating has changed. If you have been out of the dating game for a while, you may be unsure where to meet quality people.  Online dating is now much more mainstream for all ages. The usual criticism of the bar and club scene is that you usually don't find people interested in more than a one night stand. Where else might you meet interesting people?

Coffee houses

This has become a popular place to hang out and relax without the alcohol. Bringing a book or laptop can keep you entertained while keeping you visible. Get to know your barrista and they will introduce you to regulars over time.


Now bookshops encourage you to linger and browse. Finding someone in the same topic section as you immediately shows you that you have something in common. It also gives you a perfect conversational opener. Quite a few bookshops have book circles and readings. Participating in these introduces you to more people with similar interests.


While a supermarket seems like an unlikely place to meet people, some supermarkets now have a singles night. You can start a conversation by asking advice on a recipe or how to prepare certain types of food.


Still a tried and true method. Let your friends know that you are interested in a relationship and get some introductions.


Join a club or take an evening class in something that interests you. You will find like minded people and hopefully someone that interests you.


Joining a fun non-competitive sports team or sports club gives you access to people who are usually fit and relaxed. Being part of a team gives you an easy way to get to know people.