Online Dating
Online dating has become much more popular. Many divorced singles use these dating services. It allows you to contact people you may not normally encounter. If you live in a rural area or are not familiar with places to meet people, online dating gives you an opportunity to meet a variety of new people.

Choosing online dating services

There are many dating services to choose from. Many services allow you to sign up for free to try them out and so you can see if it works for you. There are also dating sites that specialize in groups such as particular religious groups or divorced singles. Being clear about what you are looking for in a dating partner will help you choose among the various dating sites.

Your online profile

Your online profile is your way of getting attention. Pick an attention grabbing headline. Talk about your interests and strengths but don't exaggerate. If you exaggerate and you meet up with someone you are interested in, they may be disappointed because they had different expectations. Do not include any addresses or phone numbers or any information that would allow someone to personally identify you.

Your online photos

Profiles with photos get more attention. You will want recent photos including a closeup and full body shot. 3-5 photos on a profile get more attention than 1-2 photos. Do not include photos showing anyone else especially kids. Have your friends help you pick the photos to show.

Composing email

Your first email should be polite and fairly short. Read the other person's profile carefully and include comments and questions that show you have read their profile. Make sure to ask a couple of questions to encourage the other person to email you back. It should be lighthearted and a little appropriate humor works well.

Meeting for the first time

Agree on an appropriate place to meet. Meeting in a public place to start is advised for safety reasons. Also let someone know where you are going and have them contact you during the date. Be polite and on time. Enjoy the evening and be polite even if you two do not hit it off.