My Family and Dating

A friend related this true story of how she knew it was time to date again.

"My mother and I were in the supermarket one day when she suddenly picked up a certain brand deodorant, sprayed it on me and then went to the customer service desk to complain that no one came running up to give me flowers. She explained to the confused clerk that this always happened in the ad on TV. When your mother thinks she needs to spray deodorant on you to attract men, then its either time to take more showers or time to date again. I knew I had to date again or my mother would lose the plot, well lose more of the plot!"

It seems like when you were a teen, they wanted to delay dating as much as possible and now once you are divorced, they can't wait for you to get hitched again immediately. If only it was the other way around.

Getting your family to stay out of your dating life can be quite difficult. When the cries of your mother exclaiming "look who it is" and "My, fancy running into you here" wear thin, then honesty is the best policy. Be kind but firm. Let them know you understand they mean well but tell them how you feel when they act that way.

This holds true when families are negative about you dating or if they are critical of your choice of dates. There is no harm listening to them to see if there is kernel of truth especially if a number of people are telling you the same thing. After that, take the kind but firm approach as mentioned above.