My Ex and My Dating

You have avoided enough dinners with the parents plus one and your best friends efforts to set you up with the "perfect" person. Now you are ready to jump back into the dating pool. You have your new online profile ready to publish and polished off your best pickup lines. Hint: "Do you mind if I stare at you up close instead of from across the room?" still doesn't work. Should your ex's reaction to you dating even cross your mind? In general the answer is no but here are some situations when you might want to consider it.

You are not divorced yet

Though these days dating before you are divorced has less legal impact, it can have a powerful emotional impact. Divorce is difficult enough with emotions running high so waiting on dating until after you are divorced can help lower the emotional tone of the divorce. You have to weight the pros and cons for your unique situation.

Your ex is the jealous type

Even after you are divorced, your ex may not have let go emotionally. While this should not stop you dating, it may be good to be discrete especially if you have kids. If your ex was prone to violent outbursts, take proper precautions if you think your ex has not let go.

Some other don'ts

Don't bring your dates to places you and your ex used to frequent

Don't discuss your ex with your date especially on the first date. If asked, try to steer the conversation away from the subject or keep it very brief.