Divorced Singles
What is step dating
Yvonne Kelly, MSW, RSW, a Certified Stepfamily Coach and Counselor and Founder of  The Step and Blended Family Institute discusses Step Dating  and how it relates to being in a stepfamily.

Step Dating is directly related to being in a stepfamily. Many of the dynamics are similar and it is actually the first step in the relationship continuum that leads to the remarriage of divorced singles with children. Which results in, you guessed it… a new step family.
Stop, Study, Shake

couple evaluating their relationshipAs we settle into a new relationship, some of our old relationship habits tend to come back.

Stop, study, shake are three steps you can take to make sure you do not fall back into the bad habits that have affected your previous relationships.

Second Chances Dating

dating coupleSince we have received many emails asking about matchmaking and dating, we have decided to introduce a dating site called Second Chances Dating .

Registration for this site will be free for a limited time.

Please do take all appropriate caution with revealing personal information. We hope that you enjoy meeting other singles interested in dating and getting remarried.

Scared of Commitment

scared of commitment Have you been in a relationship for a while now?

Do you feel you have hit a roadblock?

A divorce can be quite traumatic and make someone quite nervous about committing to marriage again.